Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Finalizing The Project

Currently, I have my project put on hold until the spring. I have decided to put my project on hold until the spring because I have a very busy schedule right now. With a packed schedule I could not find time to prepare for the collection of flip flops. Therefore, I had decided to put the project off until spring, so I could have time to prepare everything so the project will go as planned.
Once springtime comes, I will need to finalize my poster, and get the poster approved by the administration. Then I will need to choose a date to put bins throughout the school to collect the flip flops in. Once that is finished I will ship the flip flops to Children of the Nations, and they will ship them to Africa.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Helping Others With The Same Passion

       The information that I have researched will help others with a similar passion, because it will will give them ideas for what to do later in life. In my research I had found jobs that involve giving back to the world. That information will help others with a similar passion by giving them ideas of jobs that help with giving back, which will help them with their future.
       Recently I have finished a poster that I will be posting throughout the hallways of the school. I will need to get the poster accepted by the principal to make sure that it is appropriate. I will also need to finalize the dates that I will be collecting flip flops that I will then get shipped to Africa.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pursuing My Passion

             To pursue my passion of giving back in the future a professional opportunity that I could take on is becoming an OB/GYN. That would be a good job for me because I would be doing a job that I want to do, and I would be giving back to the world. I would be giving back by dealing with pregnancies, and that would be giving back the gift of life.
What I like about this job is that I would be doing two things that I am passionate about all at once. I would be doing a job that I would want to do, and I would be giving back to the world. Something that I don’t like about this opportunity is the college selection. That is because I swim, and I want to carry that career into college. The colleges that I was looking at for swimming were not very well in the medical field, only Stanford was, and that would make my options very slim. That would mean that I would have to broaden my choice of colleges to have the best school for both things. Which is okay as long as I am doing what I am passionate about.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lessons From 20 Time

My most valuable lesson through 20 time thus far has been that not everything is given to you. I learned this lesson because this project has been a do it yourself kind of project with little help and guidance along the way. By the project being a do it yourself project you have to use critical thinking skills, which will help me very much in the future.
This lesson will help me through the completion of this project because instead of waiting for directions to be given I will have to think of everything that needs to be completed. Which will help me because I know that I have to think of all of my directions by myself and not wait for them to be given to me. This lesson will help me in my future because I will know what to do when instructions are not given.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pitch Day

I had a fantastic experience with pitch day, and I thought that it was a great opportunity to have everyone share their passions with others. We were able to share our passions with the administrators, teachers, and parents. I gave my presentation to one administrator and one teacher. They were both very nice.
The administrator was very pleased with what I turned my passion in to. The teacher was also very pleased at what I had turned my passion into. She even gave me ideas for my project because she did a very similar project. Overall I had a great time.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Inside Of Giving Back To Africa

So far I have contacted a representative from Children of the Nations, and I have also spoken to an administrator of the school. Talking to them helped me because now I know exactly what I have to do to donate the items to Uganda. 
While doing this project I have learned that I always need an outline of what is going to happen so I am not surprised. To do that I have written out an outline of the things that I need to accomplish for this project. Problems that I have needed to overcome are things like figuring out exactly what I need to collect to be donated. I overcame that by contacting Children of the Nations. Things that have been easy for me are things like contacting the organization and talking with the administrators, also doing research for the project. Things that I have learned about working in the real world are talking to business people. Those experience have enhanced my problem solving, critical thinking, and life skills by making those categories stronger.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Contacting The Authority

          When I contacted Children of the Nations I first called. When I called the program I was sent to an automatic voice animator that did not give you the option to talk with a live representative. After I had called the organization, I then sent an email. I did get a response to the email from one of the representatives from Children of the Nations. In the email that I sent, I asked questions regarding the items being donated and where they will be donated too. The representative responded with answers to my questions, and then the representative gave me the contact of a representative closer to this area.
           From this part of the assignment I learned how to communicate effectively with adults and representatives. Next, I will contact the representative that the man gave me the contact to, and I will start to plan out how I will be collecting these items to donate. During this part of the assignment I did not have any issues or problems. The only problem I would've had would have been the animated voice answering on the phone. I then solved that by emailing the organization.